Munchkinland Childcare #150129

"There's no place like home" Dorothy-The Wizard of Oz

Holidays/Days off/Inclement Weather/Vacation

Paid holidays I will be off during the year:

January: New Years Day

April: Easter Monday

May: Memorial Day


July: 4th of July

September: Labor Day...

November: Thanksgiving

December: Christmas Eve(off by 5:00pm), Christmas Day, New Years Eve(off by 5:00pm)

If I need a personal day off I will let you know at least 2 weeks in advance...please have a back up provider

If I or one of my children are sick you will need to have a back up provider....I will close

I will close early(or completely) during inclement weather(major snow/ice storm). If a State of Emergency is called during the day you will be contacted to get your child(ren)

*I will have one week of paid vacation. You will be given 4-6 weeks in order to find back up care*