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April 18, 2013




Dear Sir/Madam:


Without any hesitation I would like to state that Dianna Miller is what I would like to call, God sent.  My six year old daughter has been in Dianna’s care since January 2013.  I often find myself saying to my daughter “I really wish that you’ve been going to Ms. Dianna since the beginning of the school year.”  Having experienced some unpleasant events with home daycare providers in the past, I must say that I was somewhat apprehensive about placing my daughter with another home daycare provider.  I’m beyond glad that I decided to place my daughter in Dianna’s care.  Among many wonderful things, Dianna is very reliable, attentive, kind-hearted, and very reasonable.  Her fees are very reasonable and fair.


There are many days when my daughter doesn’t want to leave Dianna’s home because she enjoys being there around the other children and taking part in the fun activities.  Dianna keeps the children active and she provides great meals for them (that my daughter raves about all the time).


Please note that I have not been persuaded by Dianna or anyone within relation to her, to write said compliments and statements in this letter.  I welcome any questions that you might have.








                                                                                                aka Mone’s mom J


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Dianna was wonderful helping me with my two kids while my husband was at work. She is patient, caring, and affectionate. Thank you Dianna!
by Cheryl B.   03/06/2016
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We loved Dianna and so did my daughter!
by Lindsay P.   11/04/2014
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Professional, reliable, organized, worry-free childcare for the working person. I highly recommend.
by Stephan B.   02/05/2014
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